About A Single Voice

This site exists as a companion blog for asinglevoice.us where I publish essays to express my thoughts, views, and opinions concerning current events.  I create these essays hoping to clarify misconceptions, learn more about those topics described, and broaden the debate for the purpose of creating a more productive and respectful discussion of those topics.

Since this is a companion site, many of my posts here will simply be a summary introduction of the material covered in an essay and a link to that essay.  It is my hope that I am able to educate, and learn from, others about the topics as they are discussed.


All essays and discussions presented here have at their core this simple understanding:  All of us are individuals with unique strengths, weaknesses, talents, experiences, and education.  But all of us are the same.  None of us are any better or worse than any of the rest of us.

Discussion Threads

I am interested in hearing feedback and carrying on discussions about the subjects presented herein.  However, I do insist that all comments and discussions be carried on in an intelligent, respectful, and dignified manner.  I will not reply to nor post any discussion materials that include “grouping” or “labeling” of subject matter or individuals.  In other words we are individuals with our own minds, thoughts, and opinions, not the religious left or religious right or republicans or democrats or bigots or close minded or enlightened or atheist or any other “group” or “label”. If you have an agenda to push, push it somewhere else.  I will also not reply to nor post any discussion materials that include any foul language or attacks against any individual or groups of individuals.

Religion and Politics

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how one wants to look at it, the greater majority of important current events involve the two subjects our parents encourage us to never bring up in polite conversation, religion and politics.

Both of these have the potential to be very emotional and explosive and great care needs to be taken to be respectful when these topics are discussed.  But because these two groups of subjects are central to so much of what affects our lives, it is even more important for us to be able to discuss these groups of subjects without becoming entrenched, offended, or defensive.  Only through open and honest discussion can we hope to move away from the polarization we currently see throughout our society and back toward the melting pot that we are called upon to be.  For this reason I will not shy away from current events and subjects that have at their heart religion and/or politics.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

I wish you well,
John C. Grady, Jr.

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